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Cala Media and Ecommerce Group

The Cala Media and Ecommerce Group consists of three areas of business. A Lifestyle Online Magazine, A group of online shops and Personal Development with Workshops and Courses

The Group is headed up by Carole Smith and Lesley-Anne Jones (yes they are our real names!). We started by launching Purple Conversations, our online lifestyle magazine on the 1st September 2017. Beginning with articles on Health, Wealth, Happiness and Lifestyle but in a relatively short space of time the topics became much wider and we now have lots of topics and regular writers who write for us as well as the ones we write. In October this year we rebranded the magazine as Cala Conversations to bring it in line with the rest of our companies.

Next came the online shops, which we are still adding to and improving. All our shops are affiliates so we receive a commission on all purchases made through them. There are links to the current shops on the Services page.

Both Lesley and I have been involved in training or teaching for many years both within the corporate world and in the private sector, so we have decided to add the next phase to our growing group of companies. We will be launching self-development workshops and courses in the very near future. All is being kept under wraps until our launch. Watch this space for announcements is all I’m going to say for now

We look forward to meeting you online or at an event

Carole and Lesley-Anne


Our Mission is to make a positive difference to as many people’s lives as we can whether that is for their Mind, Body and Spirit or in their environment using the information and knowledge that we have available to us.


Our Vision is allowing the rest of your life be the best of your life  by making a positive difference to as many people’s lives as we can whether in Mind, Body and Spirit or in their environment.